Welcome to My World, Welcome to Love

Welcome to My World, Welcome to Love.

I awakened to my Soul Self over 30 years ago now and a group of discarnate Light Beings, Ascended Masters and close family members, who had left the planet, taught me and guided my Life every step of the way. Jesus the Christ was, and still is, one of those Masters, a teacher and dear friend. He is as close to me as my breath, as are my present lifetime family members and friends, having left their bodies, pop in and out of my energy field to say hello and spend ‘time’ with me.

My Life has taken on the ability to transcend the spheres and be here and there in what I call the spacious present, simultaneously, for this is what it means to be a Multi Dimensional Being even whilst I walk this planet, fully immersed in a physical body.

And not only that........

Each and every one of us is an eternal, infinite Being and within us we hold the potential for Greatness, for each of us to live full, vibrant lives as the Sovereign Beings that we innately are.

We have the vibrations, lying dormant, within us so necessary to bring Peace, Love and Joy, first to ourselves, and then to radiate that out to others and to the planet Herself. Now is the time. Humanity desperately needs guidance, mentoring and support so necessary to raise the vibration of us all collectively and refine the density so prevalent on planet Earth.

I have come to this ‘time and space’ to help raise the frequency of humanity, to teach the Divine principles that we must all embrace, the Spiritual True North, in order to avoid cataclysmic disaster, and I have absolute faith that this will be achieved.

And this because .......

The task ahead is already under way and crystal clear. First, as individuals and collectively, we are to un-create, collapse, all that we have created in the ‘bubble of illusion’, the experiment called human life that created the limiting belief that we are separate from God, that Creative Force, that spark of pure Light and Love that is all pervading.

The steps we must take to collapse this old, outworn experiment, are not painful if we recognise that the resistance to change is what actually causes the pain and chronic suffering, and all resistance comes from the mind and is formed from our limiting beliefs. I know myself as a fully conscious, self-aware, heart centred aspect of the Divine and it is very clear to me that we are all One as we interact in this vast Field of Consciousness, expressing different aspects of that One Field of Love, in all its myriad forms and my chosen service is to bring other people to that same full awareness that we are Love and to reconnect them, in a visceral way, to the Light that is God that is omniscient and omnipresent.

I do this from 4 levels. Physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

At a physical level, we include the body, because that too is being upgraded and raised in frequency - Yes! we are taking our physical bodies with us through the Ascension process, bringing an end to ageing and sickness by releasing karma at a cellular level. By understanding fully how to reprogramme the cells, which are our own akashic records; we are upgrading the living library that we are.

At an astral level, mentally and emotionally, where we recognize our thoughts and emotions as energy, often showing to us as pictures, dreams and palpable feelings flowing into us and through us. Many of these feelings are extremely dense, giving us sensations of heaviness, deep exhaustion and debilitating sluggishness.

At a spiritual level where what is often called the Higher Self exists and has its beingness. It is so necessary to bring our Spiritual True North compass into play here. So many newly awakened humans are not following the True Path back Home. Many are becoming confused, lost and filled with doubt because they have not plugged into the Creator correctly, are not understanding how that feels, how It must be unimpeded as it flows through our bodies, so that we can once again thrive instead of just survive.

I have many gifts that I use in my sessions with clients. I am a Seer, a Visionary, a Catalyst for Great Change, and an Intuitive Alchemist. I teach ‘The Way’ as it was first taught to me, over several years, by Jesus the Christ all those years ago, when I first awakened. I connect to my Oversoul, (Monad), my Cosmic Team I call them, and my soul name is the Illumined One, the Ancient One – although Melchizedek refers to me as a Sacred Trail Blazer, a Magician of the Ages. I bring in higher teachings with the Flame of Truth and Wisdom and the Higher Rays of Magic with Higher Understanding.

My galaxy of origin is Andromeda and I have been connected with the Earth from its very beginning. I helped build the Crystal Pyramid Temples on the Web of Light at the very beginning of this planet, in my Andromedan form. I still hold that space now and am very conscious that I am doing so.

I was here on Earth in Lemuria, and in Egypt 1330 years or so, before the birth of Christ, in the age when Akhenaten ruled and brought Unity Consciousness to Egypt. I have recalled many past lifetimes all relevant to my lifetime now as Hazel and all of which has lead me to this moment.

I, along with many others, have a powerful message for humanity and I am here to serve and to support you as we stand on the threshold of this New Golden Age. It is my greatest desire that you will allow me to do so.

My love to you all, Hazel

  • Recently I had a transformational coaching session with Hazel Moore, a Spiritual Teacher, Mentor and transformational life coach. I always felt something was wrong with me, like I did not fit in anywhere. It’s like I was always living in the future or in “la-la-land” or "day dreaming" because I always felt alone. Most of my life I was alone, doing my thing. I was happy alone. But as soon as someone entered my space I could barely function. I know “Why” now. I’ve spent thousands of dollars in my lifetime on a lot of therapy, counselling and expensive coaching sessions, as well as on a dozen or more alternative approaches for relieving this underlying “feeling of not being good enough” or “feeling of not being liked” or even “feeling of not really being loved”. I was angry with myself for repeating self-sabotage patterns, in certain areas of my life, and did not know how to stop it. I was on my mission: A personal "search for meaning”. Hazel, during the session, asked me to feel myself at the age of “One” (for this particular protocol) which she decided to do that day. (I stress it was not regression, I was not hypnotised nor taken into an altered state of consciousness). I responded that "I see myself but I cannot feel myself. I see my skin around my body but like it is empty! I feel my hair and my eyes, nose and mouth. My body feels light and empty!” Hazel proceeded with her coaching as she had me go back to my time in the womb of my mother. I shared spontaneously "Wow! I can feel my body completely vibrant and bouncing. I feel all this energy and an inner joy of just being there. It’s a powerful energy, an energy vibrating at a much higher frequency than I have felt in a long time.” Then all of a sudden I could see myself in the womb. I could feel the vibrant powerful energy and this total peace simultaneously. There was an inner knowing that all is OK. I then had a vision of my mother screaming “Not now! Not now! Please, please, not now”. My mother told me I was born pre-mature at 6 months and was kept wrapped up in a shoebox with blankets warmed in the old wood stove. She told me how terrified she was as my father was away in the National Guard. Her sixteen-year-old brother delivered me. It took a while before she and I were brought to the hospital. Everything made sense. I shared with Hazel what I learned from this and how my mother’s trauma and fear had been embodied in me. Hazel continued to guide me in clearing out all those memories. I waited a week to see how my life changed since this happened. My confidence, clarity and focus have come back. My energy level is stable and vibrant with a few spikes of very high vibrations, when I consciously relax during the day in the way Hazel taught me. My relationships with others involved in my business are on a whole new level of good communication, team collaboration and excitement about where the business is going. Thank you Hazel
    Yvonne Wheeler
    Montreal, Canada