Waking Up to Who You Really Are

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11th November 2016
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29th March 2017
Waking up to who you really are, beyond your personality, means you are going to walk through every wall you ever built and knock it down, to knock it down is to un-create it through surrender, non resistance to what was and is.

Resistance is the same as judgement, is the same as trying to control.

To walk through means to feel it without any resistance, the resistance IS the wall, so just relax and feel into it all and when you start to feel that weird twisted feeling know that is the conflict, the wall, the resistance, moving inside you - be with it, don't fall back into resisting it. Allow it to almost consume you if needs be and relax even more. The relaxation is the allowing of all the pain, the suffering that you have ever held onto through tension. It is the tension in your mind and body that IS the holding onto, the resistance.

We must uncreate and collapse everything, as an individual, we have ever created. There is no other way going forward. We must uncreate in order to create the new and to do this we need positive and negative (male and female, and please don't relate this to gender) polarities to be in perfect balance within us, within our bodies.

This is how we go forward individually and collectively. We are Sovereign Beings and we create perfectly and looking back we can see that we have created PERFECT disease, chaos, wars and disaster and that we cannot uncreate this perfection until we come into perfect balance with the positive and negative vibrations within us.

Positive creates (male energy), negative uncreates (female energy), and we can see when we look into the external world that the feminine is fast at work uncreating all of that perfection showing up in the form of perfect control, perfect wars, perfect starvation, perfect lack and all that we see 'out there'. We know this because its rampant on our planet in the form of humans acting it all out.

The Twin Flame is this perfect balance inside of us, male and female, positive and negative - WOW there's a light bulb moment for some of you.

Why look for an energy outside of yourself to complete you, when you are already complete? That's like looking for the glasses that are already on your nose.

Finally for today, know that when someone tells you 'you are in exactly the right place for you' that that means you cannot go wrong, that God has you where you are meant to be for your growth and that is not going to change because your MIND, aka ego, aka limiting beliefs, aka your wall, aka your human self wants it to, no you will stay where you are creating perfect disaster, until you relax deeply, feel into and allow NO MATTER WHAT.

My love to you all, perfect as you are, but that doesn't mean stagnate by staying there, perfection is to flow, surely. #hazelmoorespiritualmastery

Hazel currently lives in the South East of England. She is a spiritual teacher of Unity Consciousness and Alchemy of the Heart, an International best-selling author, mentor and life coach. She is an expert in her field bringing about powerful inner shifts that lead her clients to success, abundance and happiness.

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