The Return to Love – the Cosmic Christ

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11th November 2016
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11th November 2016

The Return to Love – the Cosmic Christ

Published by Hazel Moore, May 19, 2016

"The Men and Women who are building the future are those who know that greater things are yet to come, and that they themselves will help bring them about. Their minds are illumined by the blazing Sun of Hope. They never stop to doubt. They haven't time."

The return of the Solar Cosmic Christ, (LOVE) is upon us and we ALL now have this opportunity to accelerate our ascension.

Individually we have to be willing to create Heaven regardless of the circumstances of hell. This means that no matter what is going on inside of us and showing up in our circumstances as everything we do not want, we must focus on the Bigger Picture, on all that is good within US and 'out there'.

Heaven is a state of consciousness, hell is a state of mind and both are held within us. These frequencies then merge with like frequencies 'out there' and create the global consciousness that we are all a part of. Hence the melting pot, the rollercoaster many are riding and trying to navigate. If this is you then you have too many conflicting emotions, feelings, thoughts and beliefs and these must be acknowledged, owned and transmuted or focused upon for your frequency to shift permanently.

I have noticed that so many of my clients of late are focused and living from what I call the higher mind. This gives them a sense of being on the right track, of having knowledge, much of it book knowledge, yet they do not know Love and how to express that Love as Joy, this is the missing part for most folk. Echoes of the sounding brass cymbal. This 'malady' is a remnant of Atlantis and the souls who incarnated there are now being called to let go of that level of hell, for that is what it is, it radiates self importance, arrogance and superiority which can only lead to their downfall again. We all know what happened to Atlantis historically.

Shame is involved here at the deepest level, for part of the separation 'game' was that we believed we could create bigger and better than God Itself from our minds, and because Earth holds the freewill component we were allowed to continue with our 'experiment' without interference from our God Self, aka our conscience. But as many of us now know we went too far, far too far, beyond the pale, and have lost our humanity.

The shame that many cannot bear is to admit they made a mistake, that what we/they intended all those aeons ago hasn't work for the Glory of God, the Creative Force - and we all know people who cannot admit they are wrong and apologise, we all know people who cannot look us in the eye, who cannot bring themselves to be thankful, it can be the hardest thing, I know it was for me.

You see all these traits from yesteryear show up in our daily lives as passing thoughts and we pay no attention to them, our shame demands that we don't - it's too painful.

Shame is THE MOST TOXIC emotion a human can hold onto and it permeates, like stinking smoke, our very essence and this because it originates from the time of the 'Fall from Grace' and now many cannot face their God - why they even deny the very word and thus they separate themselves even more - the antidote is to deal with the shame.

I urge you all, if you resonate with these words, to seek a mentor who can help you transmute these toxic emotions showing up as conflicting thoughts and beliefs.

Do it and DO IT NOW – you can book a Soul Reading Session with me HERE

My love to you all,

Hazel currently lives in the South East of England. She is a spiritual teacher of Unity Consciousness and Alchemy of the Heart, an International best-selling author, mentor and life coach. She is an expert in her field bringing about powerful inner shifts that lead her clients to success, abundance and happiness.

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