Muscular Relaxation MP3

Muscular Relaxation - Short MP3 Version

Feeling tense? Can't breathe very well? Blood pressure up? Overwhelmed - Jeez the list goes on and on. This mp3 is the shortened version of my muscular relaxation 'workout'. I made it short, just 10 minutes, in the hope that you will use it often. Doing so on a daily basis will cause you to relax your body and this in turn will begin to relax your nervous system. You will find your mind begins to clear. The mind that caused all this in the first place remember. Your thoughts will slow down and you will feel more at peace with yourself and your body. Ahhh..... that's better ease that tension.

Enjoy my gift to you, all my love Hazel.

Muscular Relaxation - Long Video Version

Please enjoy this longer video version of the muscular relaxation exercise. Our thoughts and emotions profoundly affect our physical body and most of us live in a permanent state of stress. This affects our nervous system and leads to burnout. Following these simple 9 steps of muscular relaxation will, in time, help to heal your nervous system and lead to greater health.

If you enjoyed these, there is a also a full length supportive mp3 from Hazel's Meditations for Life series 'Ground and be fully in your body' which can be found here