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My Joy Is To Guide You To Peace

W hen I first started to meditate I was stressed and overwhelmed by Life. I was doing shift work which really knocked me out of alignment with my physical body and meditation was the most powerful solution to helping me remain aligned and calm within my body. It brought my nervous system, over and over again, into the state of relaxation and rest that my mind was interfering with and my body craved.

In later years I was able to remain rejuvenated and revitalised through raising my daughter, who slept for only 2 hours at a time. I remained calm and in a high mood with matching energy levels at Christmas and various family ‘get-togethers’ when all the family, all 14 of them, would come to my home to celebrate and enjoy all the food that I had prepared.

Going through 2 divorces and losing everything, twice over, counted amongst the most stressful events any human can go through according to leading psychiatrists, and meditation got me through it all without the need for pills, potions and alcohol. I would urge everyone to take up the practice, just 20 minutes a day, it's a no-brainer.

Through meditating for just this short while every day, you can bring yourself into a state of well-being and wholeness, which comes from cultivating a quiet mind. It will heal your nervous system bringing with it sound restful sleep. Clarity of purpose follows, and with that a deeper sense of the greater You, opening up your intuition leading to a deeper connection with the ‘invisible’ realms.

On a regular basis you will begin to receive daily guidance leading to inspired action. Meditation also opens up the third eye, bringing with it insight and the ability to see the invisible and an understanding of the Laws of Creation and the Power of Now. Go here to check out the library of 21 meditations that I have created to help you gain peace and wisdom through experience:

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  • I agree those 'workout' CDs of Hazel's are amazing, I take them with me when I travel, especially helps me when I've been surrounded by negative people. Thank you Hazel.
    Mathew Bins
    Psychic Medium
  • The first night after connecting with Hazel, during that same day, I felt so happy that I couldn't sleep. I had consciously asked source energy for external guidance. I have done so much work on myself, almost twenty years and have managed to overcome addictions and fears and triumphed in other areas out of nothing and against all odds. But I got to a point where I really felt at this level I had done as much as I could. This was when I met Hazel. Hazel speaks to you at a level where you know you've never heard these words, yet you remember them somehow and they resonate deeply. I was completely ready when Hazel sent me two of her meditations.

    Here is my response to Hazel, on Facebook private messaging, after doing the first ‘Calm Your Emotions’ meditation: “I saw all kinds of things, beautiful things. Once I had sent the love up through my crown and to the highest point I could into the Universe, and brought the energy back down in a fountain, that felt beautiful and importantly, I could feel that energy. On the right side of the fountain (which I could more feel than see) appeared a close up vision of the right side of an elephant's eye, this quickly changed to the right side of a lion's eye. I'm unsure what order these happened in next but then I saw a fox playing with something and then this became a butterfly changing from species to species quickly. At one point I saw...a turtle HAHA, and the most huge wings but with the same colours. When I brought the angel in, I felt a sensation on my shins and I absorbed the energy as you said, Hazel. Then I saw another eye but there's no way it was human, it didn't look animal either. It looked kind of like an exotic almond shape in angelic colour, the closest I can describe it is like a beautiful lizard (that's sounds odd I know) then the iris of this exotic eye turned into a diamond. The eye was on the left this time. I had a lovely feeling of connectedness and there was no fear.”

    It was a wonderful meditation and Hazel's voice carries clarity and grounding, whilst guiding you through to the higher frequency levels of yourself and the Universe. It's easy to tune into her voice and align with the instructions while you drift into Alpha waves, relaxed but always consciously aware". Helena Sterne, Acupuncturist and Musician, England, 26th January 2015

    Helena Sterne
    Musician / Intuitive Healer / Acupuncturist

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