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You’re finding yourself anxious and you’re not trusting that everything is gonna work out and be OK. You really need a breakthrough in order to just survive, keep the roof over your head and food on the table. You NEED that breakthrough and you are determined to manifest what’s inside you, to manifest your dreams.

You’re not confident or clear that you can do things differently and you feel that’s imperative. You’re life is in chaos and you know that’s a mirror of what’s going on inside of you and that is scary as hell.

Life is as scary as hell and it’s probably so scary to you because you don’t want to take 100% responsibility for your life and you feel that this shouldn’t be happening to you.

Stuff’s coming up, allow it. Yet who says it shouldn’t be happening? If it is happening perhaps you should be worried it’s happening and this is a fact. No matter how much you want to change something that is happening you can’t because it’s happening right now.

So the first port of call is to acknowledge whatever is happening is happening. Once you have acknowledged that this is happening you can start to change it. You have moved the resistance, the conflict that you don’t want to be happening what is happening.

Now you need to see how you deflect facing this. You’ve acknowledged the resistance and now comes the excuses. This is in the realms of a closed heart, someone living from their head, where all the excuses are made up.

Usually my clients want me to join them in their excuses, aka be very sympathetic to them, because this is easier for them than to face the hard facts of what I am holding them to. But I simply cannot do that, my Soul won’t allow me to. My Soul is urging me to get you to take that journey from your mind to your heart. It won’t allow me to allow you to continue in the same timeline.

I acknowledge that your Life is hard, yes I do, I truly do and I am here to force you to focus on what you are about to change. Force yes, because you have asked me to help you. I am not helping you if I sit with you and your deflections, your excuses.

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I hear you, it’s totally hard. It’s challenging. Let’s stay with that. Now let’s stay with that some more. Let’s breathe together. It’s all coming up in your body. I know it’s hard, but let’s stay with it.

This is the door opening to where your power is, your heart. It’s always been there but you’ve been blocking it all these years with your thinking, with your mind.

Your mind has been in charge and has influenced you so much so that you believe that what is happening to you is real. But your circumstances are just a mirror of what you believe inside of you. All those limiting beliefs are just that, beliefs, and a belief is a string of thoughts that are thought over and over and over again until they solidify enough to become something that looks real outside of you and that includes your body.

That could show up for you as the rent man banging on the door for his money, it could show up for you that you are fat and are always gonna be fat. It could show up for you in relationships that you can’t hold onto or you end up being abused in. And that is all you really saw, because that is all you really felt. Constant fear, constant desperation. But it doesn’t have to be that way any longer.

Let's connect today. Let's do it together.

To begin the journey into Spiritual Mastery is to come Home to Yourself. It is to have gained control over your thoughts, feelings and actions and to live the philosophy which one shares with the world. It is to have mastery over the forces which work within the mind, the body and the invisible realms which are all around us and in us.

This state of Being brings with it a sense of Wholeness, a completeness that was absent before, and it is available to all of us. How long it will take each individual is in accordance with a person’s inner yearnings and the degree of dedication and commitment to begin and stay aligned with this beautiful journey which is an unfolding process.

I yearned to be a better person, I wanted to show up in the world differently. I didn’t know then that it would set me on this journey to Self Mastery and unfold into Spiritual Mastery.

You see, my deep yearning was the catalyst that changed my frequency at the exact moment I yearned to be a better person – I wasn’t pretending and therefore it was permanent; it didn’t ‘come and go’. My task then was to remain aligned with my quest, regardless of what was happening around me ‘in the world out there’, that I now refer to as the Matrix. That world, that level of consciousness, that I was stepping out of, was of my human nature, composed of lack, fear, anger, rage, sadness, grief, control, possessiveness, jealousy, competitiveness, neediness, desperation and all manner of dense thoughts and emotions.

To live in the world is to be steeped in these traits. They are in us and all around us. Many doubts surfaced and re-surfaced whilst I crossed that bridge of consciousness, but that Spiritual Spark, lit by my deep yearning, was becoming a Raging Fire within me and, against all odds, I crossed that bridge and came into my Natural State of Being; a Master over my old human self and of being able to navigate this world and the invisible worlds from a place of peace, love, joy, strength and courage. I wish the same for you so that together we can change our world and how we experience it.

From my heart to yours,


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Spiritual Mastery Series of Sessions

We cannot transform ourselves using old worn out therapies, please be clear on that, for many of those very therapies keep us in the same loop of push and pull and this, partly, because the very therapists using the therapy, are in that loop too. Remember, as Einstein told us, we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them.

We start our journey together freeing up the heaviest vibration within you that is holding you down and back and is more than likely showing itself as either resistance, disconnection, stagnation, confusion, deep tiredness, procrastination and even laziness.

I am an expert in my field and have the ability to re-connect you at the deepest level of yourself. In one session we can identify those heavy feelings of resistance, that invisible powerful force holding you back and bogging you down. You will then be able to clear away and transmute those limiting beliefs, stagnant energies and old worn out habits and behaviours which show up as you procrastinating, being confused, and filled with self-doubt, sabotaging yourself and your business and possibly ending up believing you might just be a failure and/or plain lazy.

You know deep down that this is not you and yet oh boy, you just cannot break free of some, if not all, of those restraints. That’s where I come in. I must just tell you it is my passion and my utmost joy to reunite people, just like you, with their Spirit (The Creative Force), making the unconscious conscious, the reason for that resistance, becoming known.

Whoah! What a relief. It is this re-connection that brings about true alignment at every level, mentally, emotionally and physically, resulting in being able to live an extraordinary, fulfilled life with everyone, and that includes you, doing what they/you Love. A win-win situation all around.

I work with people who are ready to leave all that pain and suffering and resistance behind them. You must be willing to take 100% responsibility for your thoughts, words and deeds and yearn for things to be different. People like you who have a calling and are in turmoil as to how to package that calling into a product and bring it to humanity. Compassionate healers and coaches, visionaries who see the bigger picture for all and are challenged as to how to bring that about. Innovative leaders needing ongoing supportive connection and consultants who dream of bringing change to the world in practical ways. In effect YOU, yes you reading these words. What Makes Me Different from Other Coaches – Consultants - Mentors and Teachers ‘out there?’

Well, I am highly creative, very psychic and clairvoyant, connected to the Creative Force that is my Spirit (that which religion calls God) and it these attributes that give me an advantage over most intuitive life coaches, teachers and mentors. I see your aura, and the movement of energy, caused by your thoughts and emotions. This enables me to get to the heart of any challenges you have quickly. I do this by identifying the limiting beliefs, suppressed emotions and old thinking patterns that are holding you back in your personal and professional life. I also work with your ancestral and soul timelines to clear generic patterning that may also be holding you back from success and an abundant life.

I use a mixture of coaching, mentoring, teaching, visualisation and meditation to help you in your quest to become the best that you can be and live the life you yearn for and deserve.

“I highly recommend that you gift yourself with 4 full sessions and one month from now you will have accomplished so much and stepped into your Mastery. Let’s do it”. ~ Hazel Moore

We will identify all the 'knots and kinks' in your energy field, the traumas, the conflicts and fears which have held you back in your personal relationships your career and business. We will unlock your past, those moments when your energy was ‘frozen’ in fear, and tension set in within your nervous system, consequently stopping the flow of your joy and sense of freedom. Those very fears and the hurt you have endured, become your belief system. This may well be intense and emotional, but intensity begets greatness in my book.
The 2nd session will be dedicated to consolidating all that you have assimilated during the previous week and we will deal with the experiences relating to that shift in you. This section is not to be skipped over as there will be much that you will want to understand and grow with as your limiting beliefs change and align with your new found freedom.
Session 3 is where we move into your magnificence, bringing forth your joy and freedom, where your passion and dreams are held. You will step out of the limiting beliefs that cause you to attract to you limiting life experiences and you will reframe those old beliefs into limitless beliefs and call forth from within you your desires, hopes and dreams to manifest a wonderful, fulfilling Life. We will map out those dreams so that you can start to bring them forth. You will recognise the energy that is going to propel those dreams into reality.
Here is where we discuss the way forward. You will have tapped into your dreams, and have some clarity around them. I will show you how to tap into daily guidance to bring forth your innate wisdom to manifest those dreams into every area of your Life.

Here is what people are saying about Hazel:

  • Throughout my life I have explored the spiritual realm and have spent countless hours and dollars on books and products to learn from the masters.

    Eventually I realized that all the books and lessons simply left me wondering what to believe and what was true for me. What I really needed was personalized assistance to help me leap forward towards enlightenment.

    Fortunately Hazel has taken me by the hand and calmed the confusion, cleared the mixed messages and strengthened my connection to 'The Light' within me.

    Hazel was able to quickly assess that I was not quite aligned and coached me through discovering the missing piece. Once that piece was in place, I had a breakthrough that left me feeling whole, calm, peaceful and loved. I experienced tingling for a full 10 minutes and the tears just poured silently down my cheeks as Hazel guided me into alignment with Source.

    I highly recommend Hazel Moore as an exceptional Spiritual Master who can tune into your exact needs to take you to the next level!

    Shannon Staples
    Certified Professional Life Coach at High Vitality Life - February 2015
  • "Hazel Moore is the coach for coaches. She really helped me transform what lay dormant inside and bring it into the light so that true healing could occur. Hazel was connected with me as a client in a way I have never experienced with any other coach. She is compassionate, listens with both ears and her heart, and really was there every step of the way as I transformed. Thanks to Hazel's coaching I was able to open my own publishing company with confidence and secured my first client in one day! She helped me to really take my entire life to the next level. I will be eternally grateful for Hazel's embrace through coaching me. Thank you Hazel for the best experience of my life!"
    Kristy-Lea Tritz
    Certified John Maxwell Speaker, Coach and Trainer at The John Maxwell Team, Alberta Canada, 20 February 2015
  • "I don't know if words can fully describe a session with you Hazel. I'm just sitting here in Awe, absorbing the glorious images and wisdom you shared with me and having a joyous and comforting little cry. It feels as though I've been touched by the Sun, even "By God!" Like I've been shown an Extraordinary Work of Art, the kind that I can't look away from, that takes my breath away, leaving me in a state of extraordinary and magical kind of enchantment that I can never walk away from completely, even if I tried. I'm not sure how to thank you for this remarkable sharing from you today Hazel. The really magnificent part is you've etched your radiant image and it's glorious feeling into my very being at the core. I don't know if it's possible to be the same person I was before connecting with you today. Your radiant gift of vision and generous wisdom is literally LIFE CHANGING. Thank you tremendously, Hazel. Just in Awe and forever in gratitude."
    Sherry Wilton
    Canada, July 2016