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Many of you who have been guided to this page desire to take humanity forward in one form or another, not for personal gain or profit (although your personal needs and desires will automatically be taken care of and your fulfilment assured, that is a given).

I have started an online community, which is subscription based, for those of us who sincerely aspire to connect more fully with God so that we can step into Service in the truest sense of that word. I also know that many of you, more than likely all of you, have recently, or are, experiencing a sense of profound purposelessness and yet at the same time are driven by some unexplained anxiety coupled with excitement, and I want you to understand that a new timeline has emerged and is stabilising rapidly and that the summer solstice of June 2017 played a huge part in that. This new timeline is one of the main components of these intense thoughts and emotions coupled with a real sense of urgency to ‘get things done’. Which will be the remainder of the theme for 2017 going forward into 2018 and beyond.

This new timeline, new Earth, a new way of Being (All the same thing) has happened because of the dedication of all Sovereign Beings who have come to this 3D reality as Wayshowers and who have experienced and therefore realise that it is a consciousness that creates reality, and not the other way around.
The online Community I have created is to guide people in every aspect of this journey back to the conscious recognition, experience and understanding that you/we/all of us are God and together we are going to bring Heaven back to Earth. This journey is not for the faint-hearted but there are teachers here on the planet who have made the journey a lot easier for people to follow.  It’s all in place and all we have to do is follow the trail.

Our true godself, The I Am a presence, is taking charge of our physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies and as this unfolds and integrates, day by day, our lives are being transformed.

It is time to surrender fully to the I Am presence, individually and collectively, to accept our oneness with all life and give the I Am presence supreme authority over our lives, this will give us access to the higher mind and experience Divine Intelligence, now more than ever we must be present in every moment of our lives and feel aligned with our I Am presence BEFORE we respond to any situation.

It’s exciting and scary at the same time. For some of us it will require extreme action to get us out of our comfort zones of the ‘little me’. It involves looking at our beliefs around food, regulating the nervous system, using our emotional guidance system efficiently and our mind based thoughts.

In effect the mind/body reality and then turning inward to merge with the I Am Presence, which to define it here, is the Awareness that is to be found within the mind/body experience and yet is not that experience, nor the one who experiences it.

From there, individually and together, we explore God from that I Am presence state of Awareness.

So in effect, for the purpose of definition here, God is the Awareness of the Awareness (which is what many people call the I Am), that from which all Life springs and yet even God springs from a Formless pool of Absolute Consciousness.

Together we will learn to alchemise and transcend our mind/body reality of all sense of the little self to the extent that we experience that it has no power, no control, no wants, no needs and no demands. Complete ‘detachment’ from reactions, responses and opinions held in the old 3D paradigm. That old old story filled to the brim of ‘me’, ‘me’, ‘me’.

This then allows the merging of the mind/body with the I Am Presence to make way for a Life well Lived, full of the purpose of the Soul and the very reason we have incarnated at this time, which is to help shift the collective consciousness to a higher level.

I will be bringing ALL OF ME to this community my sense of my own I Am Presence, my sense of God and the gifts that have unlocked in me, and I will be asking all that join to rise up to meet me in that space/place.  This group is not for wallflowers or for those who shy from joining in and contributing.

This is for you if:

1)  You have felt the need to get on and ‘do’ but just haven’t had that last bit of ‘oomph’ to motivate yourself, something always seems not quite right – many of you will call it the need to activate yourself.

2) If you are feeling afraid yet know that, in truth, there is no need to be afraid to step out of that comfort zone.

3) You have so much excitement, zest and inspiration to take action but still haven’t done so.

4) If you sense/know that you have a gift to bring to humanity, true service, and you cannot NOT bring that gift of service to the fore.

5)  You’ve got so much knowledge tucked inside of you, you get it you really really do but aren’t embodying it as much as you know you could be.  You spend far too much time just thinking about ‘all this spiritual stuff’ and not doing the doing.

6) You are sick and tired of being sick and tired, and are quite frankly, getting disgusted with yourself for all the procrastination, the gluttony, the ‘just existing’ syndrome knowing that you are playing small.

7)  You struggle with being really real with yourself and therefore lack authenticity.

8)  You are in great turmoil and displaying a lot of inner conflicts and you cannot find that 'still point' within.

9) If you have lost your passion and reason for being on the planet – hence my title – RECOMMIT TO THE COMMITMENT
It is hard, very hard, to be a human and stay aligned with God, with all that is good for the benefit of all. There are so many addictions to break free from, not to mention the limiting beliefs, the intense emotions and the damaging effects of how FAR from the Light we have come. How far away from the Light can people get and continue to survive? We influence one another for the good of all (or not as the case may be) and now that the 'Dark' has lost its grip we all need to understand that losing our grip means that is when we fight the most, first within our own minds and lives and then collectively by standing by and doing nothing when the dark presents itself, whether that be within our personal relationships, our families, our neighbourhood or the world at large.

The sobering truth is we as a species are divided and most humans are still driven by fear and a lack of love for themselves and the rest of humanity. This division is happening at an individual level and at a global level and if we want a better world then WE and that means YOU YOU YOU AND YOU and ME, have to stand up and be counted.

We NEED to use our will, our personal will, merged with the collective will and aligned with the Will of God, to bring about the ultimate change, and this not by thinking it but by living it, becoming it - understanding, knowing, that we are God and yet how far away we have come from that knowing. It's time to return Home and this journey requires discipline, a lot of discipline, collaboration, togetherness and the letting go of all of our addictions that have kept us, and keep us, chained to the ways of the human mind.

It’s not easy and it’s even harder without a mentor, a guide and a support system to navigate those limiting beliefs, addictions, being able to navigate the spheres and ultimately all the differing timelines and levels of consciousness.

Our personal will is joined with the collective will and that is the tipping point we have waited so long for. There are 7 + billion of us on this planet and we need millions of us to step up and be the change, to step into that New Earth that is already here, being held in place by physical and non physical guardians and gatekeepers.

For clarity here, New Earth is a level of consciousness that we, as Divine Humans, are able to hold within our bodies and radiate it out to others.  It is a place we travel to inside ourselves and then become walking, talking, transmitters of Divinity.

I wanted to find a way to connect with more committed people, at an affordable price, so that’s why I decided to create this community on facebook, so that we can all help each other and the teachers/healers/mentors and guides amongst us can realise that we are such and step up and out.

I will be covering the nervous system, food, the psyche, limiting beliefs, reconnecting with your individual I Am, the collective I Am, God and so much more.

There will be a live zoom call (recorded) at least once a month, where you will have access to me and we can all be together in a live environment. There will be audios, videos, tips and tools in the community group where you can also ask questions, air your challenges, and ask for help. I will be in there every day bringing all of my gifts to the group to serve you all, answer your questions, tune into your energy field to pinpoint those ‘kinks and knots’ and contribute to your posts.  
You will also receive a 50% discount on any private one on one sessions with me which are currently $250. Many of you know that I am a powerful clairvoyant, clairaudient, claircognizant, mentor and teacher and have been for decades. I know that together we can do this. Mankind must move forward and the first step is to build strong, loving, light-filled (aka God) communities once again. Spiritual communities, whether you are religious or not makes no difference.

There will be a fee of $36 (approx £25) per month or if you pay for the whole year $360, (approx £270) a saving of $72 (approx £39) Payment will be through paypal recurring payments or if you are in the UK online banking standing order.

The cost for the whole year is only slightly more than one session with me, it’s a no-brainer.
For those of you in the UK you will need to set up a standing order with your bank, of £25 per month or a one off payment for 12 months of £270. Ms Hazel Moore Nat West Bank Sort Code: 600509 Account No: 16245784
For those of you outside of the UK payment will be via Paypal and will be $36 USD per month.

If you are taking advantage of the one-off payment to cover 12 months, of $360 Use this link: Click Here

If you are setting up a subscription of $36 per month, use this link: Click Here
If you have questions related to the Mastering Bliss Community then please contact me via the contact form: Click Here

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I will be in touch within 24 hours :-)

From my heart to yours,