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11th November 2016
Letting Go!
11th November 2016
 There is no fast track route to true Spirituality and there are many initiations that have to be passed through to reach that state of I Am, of true understanding and embodiment of Oneness. Only those who are able to overcome the most stringent of initiations are able to gain access into the 'High Priesthood'.

Many years ago when I had my first Spiritual experiences I was in awe of what I was told and shown and what I experienced at that time. I was then told 'Now go back to your Earthly life and earn the right to be able to re-access within yourself the Power and Love that activates these 'miracles' on Earth.

"I have the Power and the Love to work my miracles through you, Hazel, but you must become a perfect and clear vessel for My Love and for My Truth, whilst you live upon and in the heavy vibrations of the Earth dimension in your physical body."

For a while (3 decades almost) I was somewhat sidetracked by my Earthly Life with relationships that did not always serve my highest calling. I used my psychic abilities to channel from the astral realms rather than connect with my Soul and Spiritual Self, I became exhausted mostly because I did not shield myself enough but importantly, because of the channelling work that I did, an entity from a previous life was able to attach to me via my root chakra and feed off my energies, thus being a major cause of my exhaustion.

With inner alignment and guidance came freedom from these attachments.

A huge part of that inner alignment was to look deeply into my personality, to look at the negative traits I expressed through thought, word and deed and own them, feel them and transmute them through the alchemy of my Heart. My huge learning curve, at this level, is now complete and I have much knowledge gained through experience, I have a fully opened heart chakra, have embodied my Soul, and these combined give me access to great Wisdom and provide solutions for people who are willing to commit to this Work.

We all have this potential and I would urge you not to get sidetracked by 'visions and phenomena' (as wonderful as they are) but realise that because you tingle or see an angel or your guide this does not mean that you are truly connected, nor does it mean that you have passed the required initiations, which ultimately lead to being a strong, grounded, pure vessel for your I Am presence to serve Planet Earth and other beings living upon her, aka All Of Life.

I love you all and I am an expert in my field of alchemy and am here to help you. From my heart to yours ♥


Hazel currently lives in the South East of England. She is a spiritual teacher of Unity Consciousness and Alchemy of the Heart, an International best-selling author, mentor and life coach. She is an expert in her field bringing about powerful inner shifts that lead her clients to success, abundance and happiness.

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