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11th November 2016
God’s Breath
11th November 2016

I hold within me much of the Dragon Energy, the male force of God, and to explain this further I need to take us back to the beginning of the creation of this planet Earth.

Earth was a ball of crystalline water consciousness and the consciousness of the Dragon energy breathed fire into the planet.  This fire is the will of God.  The Dragon vibration is on the colour ray of red and red represents the original tribe of this planet.  The Dragon came to create the first tribe with the assistance of Mother Earth and I hold this memory within me.

Subsequent tribes were created using the fire of the Original tribe on the Sac-Red ray of Red energy.  In the beginning we did not have a root chakra but as we became more and more solid and grounded upon the Earth a red root chakra came into existence and we used this as a way to create one another.  This act had always been Sac-Red, until now, when it has been perverted beyond belief and contaminated so much that many have lost their souls to what we now call sex.

The base chakra relates to both the dark side of the tribe and also to the purity of this red Sac Red ray.

When Fire split itself into two it merged with the consciousness of water, the carrier of Love, and water embodied itself in the Mermaid consciousness.  These fables that we learn of in infancy are true energies of consciousness and are Truth in Action.

So Fire (the will of God) merged with Water (the Love of God).  Dragons (Will) and Mermaids (Love) worked together.  These energies are alive and well today, my essence is of the Dragon energy and my daughter's the essence of the Mermaid consciousness, Love.

There followed even more splits in consciousness and the One Tribe split into many tribes and the illusion of separation began.

In this lifetime I have battled with the tribe called 'My Family' and this depleted the red ray within me and my experience, to counteract this I now ground in the Red Ray!

I had to fully understand and embody the dark side of the tribe before I could bring back in the purity of the tribe.  So my earthly families (I have had two) have assisted me in recognising and brought up the darkness and the illusion of separation within myself and my tribe and it is now time for me to reconnect with the Original Tribe of One who are spread throughout this planet, incarnate in the physical at this time to embody Oneness once more.

My heart knows this, for the heart is the Creative God, my mind battled with it for a long time, for the mind is the Destructive God but now my heart reigns over the mind and the two are in harmony (Oneness).

The Purity of Oneness is known and practised by the Tribe of Fire.  The fire is the passion and the purpose and because of the battle I endured with my earthly family this time around I depleted my Red Ray and  I have had to re-spark my Passion of Oneness.  When the Fire of Passion comes from the mind it is dangerous and ultimately destructive.  Now I understand completely the dark side of the Red Ray and it is time to bring in the Purity of this Ray, hence my colours are Red and Gold, they used to be Red and black!

My individual consciousness now merges with the consciousness of the Dragon which is Manna, food from heaven, Love, which brings me inspiration, fortification and guides me from the core of my Soul, which is Fire.

Fire represents action and my action is to take this knowledge out into the world and with my fellow tribesmen bring the consciousness of this Earth back into harmony with Purity.  Oneness.

And so it is ~~


Hazel currently lives in the South East of England. She is a spiritual teacher of Unity Consciousness and Alchemy of the Heart, an International best-selling author, mentor and life coach. She is an expert in her field bringing about powerful inner shifts that lead her clients to success, abundance and happiness.

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