Hazel Moore presents:

Channel Your Spirit

Channel Your Spirit

Do you already know that you have latent psychic gifts?

Gifts that will help you in your daily life by way of guidance and inspiration, so that you can begin a new journey of self discovery that leads to an exciting life of inspired action, full of all that you have ever dreamed of.

I am Hazel Moore the founder of Spiritual Mastery and I am here to tell you that all of us have the potential to develop and use our psychic gifts to tap into and use them to channel our spirit for daily guidance and inspiration but quite frankly not everyone knows how to do this.

I have developed a simple system to help you discover your psychic gifts, what category they fall into, how you can access them, identify them and nurture them.

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Hazel Moore presents:

Awakening Woman

Awakening Woman

Wild Woman Awakens. Powerful, Passionate and On Purpose.

Hi I’m Hazel and I live in England and am the founder of Spiritual Mastery. I am an Intuitive, Soul Healer, Visionary, Mentor and Transformational Life coach and have the ability to see your energy field clearly and precisely. Over the past 3 decades I have become an expert in my field, helping people bring about powerful inner shifts leading to success, abundance and personal happiness. I bring my expertise and clairvoyant gifts to every session and my ability to see and interpret your energy field, where all mental and emotional blocks have become stuck, is what makes me unique. My joy is to guide you to your Mastery and your Greatest Potential and that’s why I created The Awakening Woman.

The world is changing, humanity is evolving to a higher state of being and as the Dala Lama profoundly stated in 2009 the Western woman will change the world. Seven years later it is becoming very apparent that more and more women are shifting the balance of power not through the mind but by living from the heart. We are becoming entrepreneurs and are now in the process of shifting the balance of power using the money system. We are clearing our baggage that lead to us being voiceless, of hiding our Light and being less than we know that we truly are.

Because of the pressing need, and yes it is a need, to up our frequency and gain momentum with this huge movement more women are being called to 'up their game'.

I have put together a short e-course for those of you who are ready to take the first steps of stepping into your power. These steps require the transformation of the victim consciousness many women hold and the inner saboteur, that inner bully, that keeps you suppressed and in that mind game of 'push and pull'.

I have outlined in this mini-series the first steps toward awakening and how to work with and overcome the challenges we are facing. Your future and your destiny are your responsibility alone and as you live your life with intention and honour so you fuel the collective, humanity, into doing the same.

Take those steps today and join the ranks of the Western Women who have already changed their inner game to take humanity forward.

The e-course is just $33 and you can get it now by clicking on the button below.

Much love to you all, Hazel

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