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11th November 2016
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11th November 2016
It has always been my experience that everything happens in Divine timing when lots of different elements within the self come together, and this programmed into our DNA at the time of birth into this reality.

I awakened in 1985 with very powerful esoteric experiences ranging from seeing colours, seeing and communicating with dead people and guides to star beings, astral travel and much more. It literally happened without my consciously putting intention ‘out there’.  I knew nothing of psychic energies, had never been to a ‘fortune teller’ or engaged in anything of a spiritual nature, not even religion.  I was shown many things about humanity most of it extremely dark and what could be termed terrifying and downright evil.  However I was never frightened and always felt safe.  After a while I was told that I was capable of many things, profound healings being one of them. I was clairvoyantly shown some of them and was then told to go back to the beginning and make myself fitted to be able to do such things!  And so the long journey of experience began.

I have experienced ‘evil’ first hand both psychically and physically and to cut a long story short I was made aware that because of my psychic mediumship work and working from the platform in Spiritualist churches in the late 1980’s, and doing personal readings for ‘Joe average’ – (Churches can be very low vibrational places but never-the-less serving in them was part of my training to be made fit for service to God) – that the energies that I had to combat made me extremely grounded and forced me to pull on my Spiritual power to the nth degree, something I would not have done had I not encountered them, so I am extremely grateful for all of the experiences I encountered.

I have had many other lives, and two that would be deemed ‘past lives’, where I had to undergo huge battles with dark entities in the astral worlds but there was one past life in particular, many moons ago now, when I was living in Egypt and practised as a High Priestess and was given access to secret codes/objects held in a wooden box, inlaid with gold, in a certain forbidden part of the temple.  The temple was infiltrated by the Black Magi and somehow this Egyptian black magic priest  beguiled me and I was  lead to open this box for him that contained the secret codes and object. On opening the box a viper jumped out and bit me, I died instantly.  In this lifetime I carried with me energetically the shame of breaking an oath, my word, and was shown that this same Egyptian was draining my energies in this lifetime via the astral worlds and his gateway to me was via the root chakra and this possible because I had opened up my kundalini working as a medium.  However, I knew the time had come to cut the cord attachment simply because I was made aware of it and now was the time, Divine Timing, to break this attachment once and for all.

I created a sacred space in my home and called in my star family to help (I am from Andromeda). I also connected with a very small group of people who held the energy for me, this in a physical way.  I set the intention to cut the attachment and waited.  In a few moments I saw the red plug in my root chakra and going up my spine from that chakra was a thin snakelike beige colour energy, it reached my throat and I knew this was the cord.  As it was pulled out (the cutting of the cord was actually a pulling out) I felt it (if it’s not felt it’s not real) and as that happened my sacral chakra ‘let go’ of many other smaller hooks of other entities who could only hook in because of the main one.  This was an amazing feeling of being set free and allowed my creativity to expand enormously.

(As an aside, beige is the colour of shame, that incidentally has coloured my whole life to one degree or another, up until this cleansing and clearing).

I sat quietly for a moment or two, my heart started pounding and my palms were sweating and then my Spiritual power was fully returned, I saw and felt my kundalini rise up my spine as the most magnificent blue and green snake, I could even see the scales of the skin clearly defined.  The snake was huge and settled its head above my head.  The task was accomplished and once again I stood in my own power which was the whole point of that life and this life.   In that life I allowed my power to be taken because I did not stand in it and hold my own truth with the Black magi.

In this life, I had already pre-determined in my very first life on earth in Elysium, when all was one land mass, that I would return at this time to hand back to the Earth the Rose Line as my Soul laid down this line and it is now time to hand it back.  Before I can do that, it’s not done yet, I have had to clear all karma and surrender once again to God, to align my will with the will of God, I have a little way to go with that but I am on it!

It is very interesting for all of us to note that I did not have ‘past life’ regression during these revelations, it wasn’t necessary, for all is revealed through the filter of our current life and ironically a spiritual teacher that I met up with, in this life, told me that I had a curse put upon me in Egyptian times.  Consciously I dismissed this  message but it played out in my sub consciousness and kept coming back to me, niggling at me and it came to pass that this very teacher was the soul who had placed the curse on me.  I always felt deep within that there was and is something about this soul that doesn’t ring true with me.  It’s in her voice, her tone – it grates on me still.

In 2011 I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and on the ‘cutting of that cord’ all symptoms left me. I was left with rage in me from that lifetime to this one, it has simmered away during every physical incarnation until now.  One of the symptoms of this disease is inflammation which is effectively caused by anger and rage.  I know that all physical illnesses come from the Soul experiences that we attach to mentally and emotionally, and those symptoms remain with us until we consciously detach, re-empower ourselves and decree that that timeline completes itself.

EVERY experience by EVERY person is determined by their higher consciousness, every murder, every victory, ALL OF IT and until one truly gets that nothing will sever the root causes except the realisation and the owning of our own thoughts, words and deeds throughout all time, we the people will continue to suffer and become ill.  We are all awakened by our Higher Selves it is determined before we are born and if it is forced via drugs or tampering with psychic energies the individual becomes unbalanced and in many cases goes insane either temporarily or permanently.

So, the attachments are only incredibly difficult to break because the time is not right, ie the personality has not yet overcome the challenges because there is more understanding to be gained that the Higher Self wants to embody via the personality suffering it all in this existence.

If you resonant with this writing then perhaps it is time for you to seek help and consider working with me, or someone similar, to gain further understanding and total integration which is the ultimate healing bringing you back into alignment with Source.

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We are truly loved and all is in Divine Order in Divine Timing.

From my heart to yours,


Hazel currently lives in the South East of England. She is a spiritual teacher of Unity Consciousness and Alchemy of the Heart, an International best-selling author, mentor and life coach. She is an expert in her field bringing about powerful inner shifts that lead her clients to success, abundance and happiness.

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