BITCOIN (Crypto Currency)

The world is changing and here is your opportunity to GET IN FRONT OF IT.

The world and money is becoming digital whether we like it or not and the time is NOW to start researching and investing in CRYPTO CURRENCY. The forerunner of these digital currencies, known as crypto currency, is BITCOIN and I am here to share with you what I know and what I am doing with this currency, with what I have researched and what my instinct is guiding me to do.

For a quick ‘bird’s eye view’ of the nuts and bolts watch this 2 minute video on the right:

I first heard about BITCOIN a few years ago but dismissed it entirely because I didn’t really understand it, didn’t understand the digital age we are in to its fullness and what is happening across the globe with the banking system. I still don’t, I am learning as I go and feel the pull in my soul to share this information – so I Am. BITCOIN is a form of crypto currency that is not owned, controlled or managed by any of the governments, kings and queens or any powerful organisation.

Bitcoin is not printed in or by banks and is not produced against gold. It is the most popular decentralised digital currency which is now used worldwide as a medium of exchange. It is the equivalent of the ‘red pill’ if you know what that means. We are entering a completely different world, a digital world, and we are navigating our way out of the old corrupt, evil banking system.

“Nobody can stop Bitcoin, Bitcoin is Unstoppable”

– Bill Gates

“There is a big industry around Bitcoin and people have made fortunes out of it”

– Richard Branson

What I love about BITCOIN, which makes it unique, is that there is no Bitcoin company, no Bitcoin building, no Bitcoin server anywhere that can be shut down. Its governed and owned by the people who use it, much like the internet.

We can exchange value without a third party being involved like paypal, visa or mastercard. So in effect those of us who have BITCOIN, and there are thousands upon thousands of us, cut out the middle man in all transactions, ie the banking system. We get the compounded interest not the banks.

If you decide to join me I will introduce you to my mentor who goes into his back office and shares with us his progress week by week. It’s very encouraging and incredible actually, an extraordinary opportunity.

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