A True Story

Here's one of my stories...

I have been a soul healer for many many years and in my early years it soon became apparent to me that the "laying on of hands" and reiki healing, although very effective in calming and bringing peace and easing all kinds of pain, both spiritual and physical, was not always enough  to heal permanently. Some of the pain, pain buried deep within the psyche or the soul, which people bring to me was and is so very  sad to behold. It became clear to me that so much more was needed in order to really help some of the people who came, and do come, to me for healing.    And it is my deep desire to heal and comfort people that continually calls me back to this deep healing and leads me on. 

My ability to "tune" in to the higher realms is of course a blessing and it was the means by which my Spirit Guides - Healers - taught me. In the beginning I was taught to look at myself in complete honesty and to understand all of my feelings. Feelings are neither good nor bad. They just are. It is not 'bad' to have feelings of  anger, resentment, bitterness, jealousy and envy any more than it is 'good' to have feelings of peace, love, compassion and tolerance. The important thing is how we handle these feelings and ultimately what we do with them that may be termed loosely as good or bad. For if we have love and do nothing with it but keep it locked in our hearts, surely that is as ‘bad’ as having and suppressing feelings of anger. To me, we are then guilty of the sin of omission - omitting to share our love.

Why? is the question we must ask. Why are we keeping our love locked in our heart ? It is not natural to do such a thing. On the other hand we must not suppress our anger either, for by suppressing any negative emotion we are merely allowing it to get a tighter grip upon our soul.

Many people will deny that they have a cold heart, that they live in fear, that they have a problem with jealous feelings, that they have pain buried so deeply within them that they know not how to release it, they know not where or how to start unravelling it all.

So what happens? It gets buried even further and the first of many masks appears upon the soul. Literally. A mask to hide any or all of these feelings from ourselves. For some it is better to pretend that they do not exist. But you can bet your bottom dollar that somewhere on your earthly journey, and beyond, if you don't clear it up here, these deep feelings will rear their ugly heads. The fool will continue to strive to pretend that they do not exist and this in itself will cause further pain and eventually humiliation, for face it all one day we must. Facing ourselves is the hardest lesson to learn, to see ourselves as we really are. I know what I am and I have faced myself many times over, the good and the bad, I have no secrets, no masks, nothing to hide, and that is why I can do this work and help others.

Some people have feelings for which they can find no words. Their feelings are a mixture of many, and part of my healing is to put words to these feelings so that they can be brought into the light of awareness in a tangible communicative way. Some of the events which caused the feelings in the first place, more than likely, happened so long ago, in the early stages of childhood, and the adult has forgotten them. It is part of my job as the healer to ask my spirit guides to disclose the cause. Once disclosed and with the help of the Holy Spirit, healing can begin. I have usually found that the patient recognises what has been disclosed and once the realisation has dawned, acceptance follows and healing is completed.

To give but one example I once helped a woman who had become a drug addict. It was revealed to her, through me, that at the age of 2 years her mother pushed her mentally and emotionally to one side and the child obviously felt unloved and unwanted. All the child's physical and material needs were met but her soul became starved of its real nourishment - love. This of course was the foundation for the rest of the girl's life, she grew up feeling unlovable. Lack of self-worth developed, she neither loved herself nor was she able to properly love others. So her life became a mish-mash of suppressed hurt, anger and bitterness and eventually she succumbed to drugs. She came to me with a 'minder', for she had placed herself in a rehabilitation centre, not for the first time, in her efforts to kick the habit of drugs, and she was not allowed out alone. My spirit guides  revealed that when she was two years of age her mother gave birth to another child and she loved this child to the exclusion of her first born daughter.

Once I had voiced this to her she understood many of her mixed feelings about her younger sister and of course the resentment and bitterness which she had nursed towards her mother. With spiritual understanding I was able to get her to look at herself and her life from a completely different angle. Of course the soul-healing did not immediately cure her of her drug addiction. But what it did do was give her a reason for it and she went away with a reason to fight her addiction in a more determined way. She went away under-standing herself and knew that she wasn't so bad after all.

The 'minder' was astonished at all that was revealed, she nodded agreement to most that was said at this session and what had been achieved in two hours had taken a psychiatrist over two years to only unravel a small portion of all that was discussed in our one sitting. This then is but a limited view of  Soul-Healing. It must be understood that for Soul Healing to be of benefit, there must be complete honesty from the client, and that they must want to be healed and become a whole person,  for part of the recovery is for new attitudes to replace old ones. In fact it's an inevitable result of the healing. I must stress that the client or patient remains in control of the situation and all kinds of good results have been produced, although at the time it can sometimes be very painful.  Soul Healing is of great benefit for depression, anxiety, marital problems and milder problems causing unnecessary worry. Soul Healing is a mixture of psychology, counselling and clairvoyance  all done under the guidance of the Holy Spirit without which it would not be possible.

Hazel currently lives in the South East of England. She is a spiritual teacher of Unity Consciousness and Alchemy of the Heart, an International best-selling author, mentor and life coach. She is an expert in her field bringing about powerful inner shifts that lead her clients to success, abundance and happiness.

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