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29th March 2017
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I AM Presence versus God?

Published by Hazel Moore, March 24, 2017 The I Am Presence is the part in, and of, each one of us that is created in God's image - it is not God, the sum total of All That Is. It is the part of you/me and us that already lives and breathes from way beyond 5th dimensional realities and already knows all that we need to know to go forward in Life, to step into the bigger picture.

The personality self was created from the mind and does not comprehend the bigger picture. It believes all the chaos it sees and experiences and therefore judges life from that level.

If you believe what you are seeing ‘out there’ as your life falling apart and crumbling, know that they are the parts that your personality self, your mind created, and not your I Am Presence. Trust that you are not yet seeing the bigger picture because when you do see it you will know beyond a shadow of doubt that hopelessness and helplessness no longer have a hold on your psyche nor do they play out in your Life as events and personal circumstances, of which you believe you have no power over.

It is simply not true that you have no power. The truth is that you/we/us magnetise everything to us – we have created it all. I ask you, why and how would you/did you magnetise a tyrant for a father to you? Why and how did you magnetise a bankruptcy to you? Why would you and how did you magnetise a thief into your home? Or a stray animal hurt on the roadside? Why would you magnetise and how did you magnetise ‘not having’ into your sphere of experiences, for as surely as God made little green apples your I Am Presence did not create that for you/us/me. We did it all and then we believed it and in the believing of it we blamed everyone and everything that we perceived as being out side of us – even God.

God doesn’t care what happens to you or me until YOU/WE/ME start caring about ourselves and each other, so it makes sense to ‘Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness’, because it’s as true today as it ever was. These Laws do not change to suit our puny human selves.

I will repeat that because it is crucial to our understanding, God does not care what happens to you or me until YOU/WE/ME start caring about ourselves and each other. If your Life is crumbling and you are in despair, if you lack the guidance you believe you need to go forward, and if you believe you have done all that you can do then ‘Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness’.

His Righteousness not yours or mine – His moral and ethical laws not those of mankind. In other words get right with God and Divine Law and then and only then will your Life, your circumstances, your world reflect back to you the caring, the sharing, the connection, the Joy that you crave.

It is the I Am Presence that receives the Light of God and in turn flows that Light through our own hearts and out into the world if we, as humans let it. The Light and the Love flow into the conflicts within us and pushes those conflicts to the surface to be dealt with.

Light and Love are not human traits so don’t look for them in your human self and the human people outside of you. Become Divinely Human and then the dynamics between you and your circumstances and the people you connect with will change beyond recognition and you will be fulfilled and happy.

‘From my Heart to Yours, Hazel’

Hazel currently lives in the South East of England. She is a spiritual teacher of Unity Consciousness and Alchemy of the Heart, an International best-selling author, mentor and life coach. She is an expert in her field bringing about powerful inner shifts that lead her clients to success, abundance and happiness.

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