Life – Hard or Easy?

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11th November 2016
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Life - Hard or Easy?

Published by Hazel Moore, March 24, 2017

From today going forward I am going to stop thinking in terms of Life being hard versus easy. I catch myself thinking that from time to time and its one of the thoughts/anchors which belongs in duality consciousness, aka comes from the mind, and keeps a small part of me still fettered, still tired and tied to a level of consciousness that most of me does not ascribe to. I Am going to live through what IS and not attach hard or easy to it.

We humans on planet Earth are now in the throes of facing our own karma, our own thoughts, in a very physically evident sense, for good or for bad. We are living in and from the 4th dimension a lot of the 'time' now and some of us, some of the time, beyond that.

When you feel 'spaced out', know that most of your consciousness is operating in these other realities (dimensions) and this will continue until you align all of your self/selves with those higher levels.

The 4th dimension (some call it the astral world) is where every thought and emotion we have ever had lives, expresses and creates and this in turn inevitably affects our physical lives. Before 2012 it used to take a longer amount of 'time' for this to filter through but time and space as we knew it has moved, compressed, and there is no longer this allowance of time in space, because the 3D no longer exists here on Planet Earth, which acted as the filter to slow down our karma (our thoughts playing out in 3D).

Those of us who are conscious of this have hit the ground running so to speak, and are already living from the reality of the 5th Dimension much of the time.

Remember we are talking about levels of consciousness here, and not about anything 'out there' changing. 'Out there' will change as we all change on the inner levels and heighten our awareness and call on our Strength (aka God) to implement those changes.

The grass will still be green, some houses will still be made of bricks and mortar, others will be built in alignment with 5D as we, the architects, bring that about and we stop settling for less. Animals will still be killed and eaten for some time to come, until we stop that from a place of love and compassion. Money will still be exchanged as a way to share and bring about many changes but with a different attitude toward it. So if you want to help the poor, become financially wealthy yourself first and then teach others how to do it.

As we hold the frequency of love more and more, and more of us join that frequency, so all that we are moving on from will fade into the halls of records and all that does not come from Love, Harmony and SHARING will disintegrate before our very eyes, literally, and this in the form of losing income, losing our homes, and the frightening moment of revelation that we have lost our way.

So if you have lost some of your income, or all of your income, or a project you hoped would materialise that income, didn't manifest, don't send out blame - you brought that into your field (your aura) because its a part of your belief in lack.

This is a GOOD THING so like me stop thinking in terms of easy versus hard.

This is going to get a lot more intense for folks who are not conscious of their highest potential. We have a window of a few years to clear up our old beliefs which centred around ‘I, me and mine’, and settle into 5D where the beliefs around ‘We, Us, and Ours’ are prevalent.

We each must take complete responsibility for ALL we have ever thought, felt and acted out throughout all our timelines in the way of lying, cheating (even the smallest things), arguing, intimidating, manipulating and so on. We each must own these thoughts and actions and then we move on to forgive ourselves for ever having done those things and begin to reconstruct the beliefs around what we now wish to create FOR the world, FOR ALL OF US.

Nothing less will cause us to consciously evolve and move into SHARED ABUNDANCE, nothing and no-one outside of ourselves is going to save us, nor offer an opportunity for the betterment of ourselves and ALL until we change our outdated belief systems.

It is mandatory that we FEEL our way through all of this and keep bringing our feelings back to ourselves and not to blame anyone outside of ourselves for anything. If we feel angry we must trace the anger back to when we got angry, feel that anger to its fullest and let it go by not having a 'conversation' within about it, same for feelings of shame, guilt, resentment, hatred, sadness, grief, blame, rage and all raw emotion, that causes us to be cruel and unkind to ourselves and others.

From this cleansed and cleared space within we begin to cultivate thoughts and emotions using the higher mind and higher heart, so that would be thoughts of 'how can I help?' how can I share?' 'how can I serve?’.

Rather than 'What can I get?' 'Who will help me?', 'Why me?'

There are millions of people the world over unplugging from the collective reality that we all built together, the matrix, and this means that corporations, banks, businesses, all relationships not based on love, truth and sharing will start to collapse. We are plugging into, collectively, what we do want and this will appear to those who have already done the inner work first and then eventually to all those whom we help to understand the process.

My deepest love to you all, let’s take this to the next level. This is where I Am going, who amongst you is coming with me?

From my heart to yours,


Hazel currently lives in the South East of England. She is a spiritual teacher of Unity Consciousness and Alchemy of the Heart, an International best-selling author, mentor and life coach. She is an expert in her field bringing about powerful inner shifts that lead her clients to success, abundance and happiness.

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