Animal Communication

I have been communicating with animals for decades now, since I started my journey into metaphysics and opened up my mind to encompass the non-physical realms of Spirituality. The Creative Force from which all Life springs has many aspects to it and one of those aspects is what we refer to as the Devas.

Devas project part of their consciousness into and onto our Earth to create the backdrop of mountains, lakes, fields, flowers, trees and animals and all that we term nature. This backdrop acts as the stage, if you like, to our human experience and thus because of the willingness of the Devas to hold their creations in physicality, they permeate like steam, all of our belief systems and experiences and vice versa. Sadly most of what we permeate the nature world and the animal kingdom with is our negative limiting beliefs, and we all know how that shows up in our world.

Animals are a part of deva-consciousness, given form, and are greatly influenced by the collective consciousness of man and they remain upon the planet, even though subjected to the most horrendous cruelty, because we, humankind, called them forth to be a part of our experiences here, and through great love and joy the Devas agreed to plunge into the 'Earth Experiment'.

"Until one has loved an animal a part of one's soul remains unawakened". - Anatole France

Once a cycle of intention is started it is that each cycle must complete itself whether that be in one day, one year or millions of years but it must come to a completion by us humans via our intention, and only then can we re-create a new world. To create a better world it is imperative that we consciously choose by intention to create with the Light, the Creative Force that is God, and use that Light in and to, its fullness. We lost our way. We stand on the threshold of that New World now. A new 26,000 year cycle has begun - The Golden Age is upon us.

I first realised I could communicate with animals when I was working as a psychic medium, decades ago, and the person I was reading for had a beautiful Alsatian dog, and yet something was not right within this family and household. Suddenly the father of the Alsatian appeared in my mind's eye, he spoke to me, through my heart, and told me this: "This is my son and he feels unloved and a nuisance by everyone in this household. He desperately needs more walks and to be outside in the fresh air and he needs healthier food, fresh food not kibbles nor pre-packed dried foods. Please tell his guardian this, and that it is my wish that another home be found for him. I told her, and thankfully she acknowledged the truth of what was said, telling me that she was so busy she had no time to walk the dog and yes she often had thoughts and feelings that he was a nuisance, an inconvenience. We cried together over this and then she took the necessary steps to correct the neglect.

Animals are sacred, treat them as such
Another time I was reading for a friend and she too had a beautiful dog and this dog kept eating stones. This time the dog spoke directly to me and told me he felt unloved and 'in the way' and didn't want to live this way any more, that he needed a purpose, a job. My friend listened to me and found an ex-policeman who trained Alsatians during his time in the police force. He lived in Scotland. This beautiful beautiful animal went to live with him. Months later he came to me, through the ethers, showing me pictures of himself running in fields, free as the wind, and told me that his new 'Master' was training him and that he now had a useful job to do. The love from him was palpable, his joy ran through my body and we both embraced each other. And then he was gone. So you see animals are souls too, just like you and me, except they sometimes have 4 legs, fur, feathers and scales.

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A Pilgrimage with Animals - How their psyche influences humanity

There is a mystery about animals which works upon man with a dual effect, bringing out both the best in him and the worst. Ignorant of the role animals play in the psyche of humanity, and given that the destiny of animals is inextricably involved with ours, it would behove us all to take a moment, or a lifetime perhaps, to align with these beautiful creations of God.

There is a question that has been 'on my mind' for so long and I now understand that a little part of the whole answer comes to me every day, its like a piecing together of a jigsaw, and it had to happen this way because I would not wholly (Holy?) understand the depth and nature of it.

My question to God was this: Why do animals suffer so much at the hands of man. Are animals subject to the Law Of Attraction, if so and if the Law of Attraction is a Divine Law then it must apply to all sentient beings, right?? After all, we are taught, it is the feeling around what we naturally vibrate to, that attracts into manifestation events and situations, regardless of the kind of body used through which the feelings are emitted (human, animal, two-legged, four-legged (you get my drift) - or is it? Hmmmmmm...

I looked around at the reality of this 3rd dimensional world and what I have witnessed in the realm of animals and their relationship with man sickens my heart to such a degree that sometimes I am physically sick.

Animals have souls, they are sentient beings and have feelings, strong feelings on the harmonic range from sheer terror to blissful love, and not only that, animals are psychic they see what most humans do not see. They see and sense the human aura and immediately know whether a human emits love and light or the greatest fear.

It was not the animals that I needed to understand, for intuitively I already understood them. What I have to understand is the shadow side of man's nature and the depths to which man separates himself from all creation so that he has power over, supreme power over, and that to the one feeling so disconnected, means pain and suffering. The degree to which they feel pain and suffering determines how much of that they put back out into the world and cause others pain and suffering, whether that be two- legged, four- legged, trees with roots, souls that live in the ocean or any other life form.

We have laid, and are still laying, upon ourselves such a mass of retribution that if we were to see it psychically we would recoil in repugnance and the deepest shame. Vivisection is a modern day aberration unknown in past times and it is shocking that the advance of science should bear so wickedly upon the animals of the field, the air and the woodlands. Hypocrisy compounds the assault when those very animals which man is supposed to love most are also subject to such torment. we mean of course, cats and dogs, who are not immune to the rack and the knife, poisons, acids and asphyxiating gases.
I urge us all not to wait for crises of human behaviour before taking actions. We should cleanse our minds while the skies are blue for when the clouds of human depredation gather it is too late and, in his weakness, man the hunter, disgraces himself in the eyes of God even more.

Let us bear in mind that some of our fancy toilet accessories are brought to the bathroom via the blood and raped organs of innocent animals. When indulging our complexions with soothing soaps and creams remember that we could be actually smearing our faces with boiled corpse fat of animals which once lived under God's heaven, revelled in His bounty and populated the Earth with his fecundity.
And we do not see that the practice of vivisection, and so much more, has led to even greater abominations? First we martyr animals under the scalpel and then, becoming callous in our atrocities, we turn our attention to experimentation upon actual living human beings. Let us remember that small things lead to bigger things. Small sins set the stage for greater sins.

Whatsoever evil we perpetrate on this earth goes with us when we approach the higher planes. All is recorded and there is no gainsaying as to what we have been associated with and allowed to bring about. We all have our names, thought, words and deeds on the Akashic Records, that indelible account which will have to be settled one day.

There is a shadow that surrounds the Earth plane, a shadow of negative thought and fear persisting as an occult influence, affecting the minds of earth dwellers. This shadow has been built up over man's history on earth and has now gathered into a permanent, encompassing belt which, invisible and physically unidentifiable though it may be, is real.

Do not think that fear ceases to exist when it ceases to be apparent. It sends out its effects into the spheres and long after the cause of it has disappeared, it remains, affecting our minds and bringing about unaccountable waves of anxiety, guilt and inexplicable regret. Much of what we call clinical depression is caused by the Earth Shadow reacting upon us.

This Earth Shadow is not only the result of man's own sufferings and lamentations but also of the cry of nature in travail, more especially of the agonies of animals slaughtered in fear and horror - the handiwork of man as a flesh eater and a thing of vanity...... We are not alone in this world, nor were we given dominion over nature only for our own indulgence. The animals also have their place in God's universe. They, too, have their lives to lead and their part in God's plan to play.

It was not given to us to exploit them as we do, and if their sufferings rebound upon us, if their screams of anguish return to haunt us, we only have ourselves to blame. Never-the- less there is a light at the end of the tunnel, this long dark tunnel, which may well be man's conscience gleaming fitfully, yet perceptible. For all we know the awakening of our minds to our responsibility towards the animals may be the forerunner of man's enhanced responsibility to his human brothers and sisters. If the centuries have brought little in the way of tolerance between man, if the shadows of war have not lifted to the examples of human conflict, it may be that in finally understanding the spiritual composition of animals we may yet greet the dawn of realisation with a tolerance and love hitherto unknown.

Little things lead to bigger things. Therefore we may pray that a belated start towards our own spiritualised humanisation may first result in a 'new deal' for the animals in whatsoever form we find them and a realisation they they, too, are soul beings beneath their skins, feathers and furs.

We fail miserably to understand that animals are spiritual beings and we fail to realise that they, too, live on after death and have their existence upon higher planes. They are linked to God, as we are, and in their psychic lives they are equal to us and in some cases exceed us in their esoteric nature. Amen to that.

Here is what people are saying about Hazel:

In just onned-5e short week, Hazel Moore has transformed our lives. I asked for her help after receiving bad news about my dog Ned. Ned is 14 and has just yesterday (24 Sept 13) been diagnosed... with a very large mass in his abdomen which is full of blood. His back legs are very weak too. The vet says that this will probably rupture soon and Ned will have to be put down. Time frame is that this will happen within the next week or two. Hazel took us on and started straight away. Giving information to me about past lives that Ned and I have shared and his thoughts around his current situation. Instantly I felt better having her help and support. She knew exactly what was needed. Hazel's guidance and advice is second to none, she is so skilled and intuitive. And with the utmost compassion she also showed me how to lift myself up from the depths of worry and sadness in order to play my own vital part in helping Ned.

Ned is already a different dog compared to just one week ago. His brightness has returned and he has a spring in his step and his playfulness has returned. I know that he is enjoying Hazel's healing sessions, all done from a distance, and with Hazel's help, I am confident that we are making the rest of Ned's life, the best of Ned's life. Thank you so much Hazel. I asked for your help and you have given us so much more.

Lisa Harrison - London, England 25th September 2013